How this happened

In 2013 my husband, who is an instructor on the School of Air Operations Control (SAOC), asked me to make a new pair of headset covers for his headset. Other SAOC staff and students soon started to request their own covers. Consequently, I decided to start making various covers and send the proceeds to the Help for Heroes (HfH) charity.

In the intervening three years, I have sold enough headset covers to raise £900 for Help for Heroes. The covers have been sent to various units and individuals all over the United Kingdom from Cornwall to the north of Scotland.

With help from my daughter, I have set up this website to enable anyone to order the covers and see what stock is currently available.

At least £2 from each set of headset covers goes to HfH - a charity to help servicemen and women who have been injured whilst serving in HM forces.

Moira Williamson
January 2017